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RED Digital Cinema Mini-Mag 480GB

The RED DIGITAL CINEMA MINI-MAG 480GB is a reliable and high-performance solid-state drive designed to work with RED digital cinema cameras. This storage device is ideal for filmmakers and professional cinematographers who demand fast and efficient data transfer rates for their high-quality video footage.

NOTE: Prices quoted are estimated per day unless otherwise noted, and are subject to availability, the exact rental period, and other factors. Please request a formal quote to get an exact price.

Additional Information

Featuring a large storage capacity of 480GB, the RED MINI-MAG allows for extended recording times, minimizing the need for frequent card swaps. With transfer speeds of up to 300 MB/s, this mini-mag enables fast and efficient data transfer, ensuring that your post-production process is smooth and efficient.

The RED DIGITAL CINEMA MINI-MAG 480GB is compatible with RED’s DSMC2 cameras, including the RED EPIC-W, HELIUM, SCARLET-W, RAVEN, and WEAPON 8K S35. It can also be used with other devices that support the use of mini-mags.

Constructed with a sturdy aluminum enclosure, this mini-mag is durable, shock-resistant, and designed to withstand harsh filming environments. The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to transport, allowing for effortless storage and organization.

Whether you are capturing high-resolution images or 8K video footage, the RED DIGITAL CINEMA MINI-MAG 480GB delivers reliable, high-speed performance that will meet the demands of any professional cinematographer. Invest in this high-performance solid-state drive and experience a seamless workflow with your RED digital cinema camera.

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