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Heden YMER Wireless Follow Focus



The newest wireless follow focus from Heden with many improviements over thier older, Heden model. The Hedén YMER-1 with LenSaver Calibration™ is a wireless focus or iris control system with an optional wired zoom control through LANC. LenSaver Calibration™ is a unique new way of calibrating a follow focus system, just press the calibration button and move the lens by hand from end-stop to end-stop then press the button again, that’s it.

Additional Information

LenSaver Calibration™ is easy, safe and fast. Manual Override™ makes it possible to take manual control of the lens without jeopardizing calibration. Wireless transmission up to 500 meters (1640 feet) line of sight. Small with incredibly intuitive controls and unique features. Smooth rotary movements of the control knob with adjustable resistance give you a haptic connection with total control of the lenses movements. Adjustable limit points for easy focus from A to B and precision mode for super fine control over an adjustable range. One press on the camera run button starts and stops recording from a distance. Mounting points on the transmitter makes it easy to attach other devices.

Package Includes: Ymer Transmitter, Heden Digital Receiver, Heden Motor, Motor Cable, P-Tap Power Cable, Carry Case.

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