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Cooke SF Full Frame Anamorphics

The Cooke SF Full Frame Anamorphic Rental finally brings the anamorphic look you have been looking for to the full range of large format digital cameras. Coverage circle covers a full 24 x 36 still size sensor with 1.8 squeeze. With special flare elements and Cooke/i technology put these lenses to work today.

Cooke SF Full Frame Special Flair

The Cooke Anamorphic/i FF lenses have the lenses manufactured with a proprietary coating that allows you to kick flares, bokeh and other aberrations into new visual territory.


Cooke’s /i Technology enables cameras to automatically record key lens data for every frame shot, allowing post-production teams to access it digitally. Featuring key information on lens setting, focusing distance, aperture and depth-of-field, hyperfocal distance, serial number and more, it streamlines production and post and saves time and cost to eliminate guesswork.

Handcrafted Precision

Anamorphic lenses are deeply complex to manufacture. Greater anamorphic insights and measurements are taken to ensure absolute quality.


Focal length                  Aperture          Iris Rotation        Close Focus        Focus Rotation          Length
32mm                           T2.3-T22          90 degrees           900mm               270 Degrees             206mm
40mm                           T2.3-T22          90 degrees           900mm               270 Degrees             212mm
50mm                           T2.3-T22          90 degrees           850mm               270 Degrees             204mm
75mm                           T2.3-T22          90 degrees           1000mm             270 Degrees             206mm
85mm Macro                T2.8-T22          90 degrees            550mm              270 Degrees             272mm
100mm                         T2.3-T22          90 degrees           1200mm             270 Degrees             228mm
135mm                         T2.3-T22          90 degrees           1500mm             270 Degrees             271mm
180mm                         T2.9-T22          90 degrees           2100mm             270 Degrees             314mm

NOTE: Prices quoted are estimated per day unless otherwise noted, and are subject to availability, the exact rental period, and other factors. Please request a formal quote to get an exact price.

Additional Information

Available at additonal cost: 85mm Macro and 180mm (coming soon)

Create your own custom set with pricing @ $600/day/lens with a 3 lens minimum.

Ask about special pricing when you rent the Cooke SF Full Frame Anamorphics with a compatible camera!

Included in standard set: 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, and 135mm T2.3

Crafted with the finest materials and built to exacting standards, the Cooke SF Full Frame Anamorphic lenses feature an advanced, aspherical design that minimizes distortion and ensures optimal optical performance throughout the entire focal length range. With a unique 2x squeeze, these lenses deliver the classic anamorphic look with breathtaking bokeh, oval bokeh and horizontal flares, giving your images a distinctive cinematic quality.

Featuring a consistent T2.3 aperture across the entire range, these lenses offer exceptional low-light performance, enabling filmmakers to capture stunning shots in any lighting condition. The 110mm front diameter and unified gear position allow for easy and quick lens changes, streamlining your workflow and minimizing downtime.

Designed for use with the latest full-frame cinema cameras, the Cooke SF Full Frame Anamorphic lenses are compatible with a wide range of camera systems, including ARRI, RED, Sony, and Canon. Whether you’re shooting a feature film, a music video, or a commercial project, these lenses offer the versatility and quality you need to bring your vision to life.

Invest in the best and elevate your filmmaking to the next level with the Cooke SF Full Frame Anamorphic lenses. With unparalleled image quality and cinematic characteristics, these lenses are the perfect choice for capturing breathtaking anamorphic footage that will leave your audience in awe. Order yours today and experience the Cooke difference.

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