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Cooke Varotal 20-100mm T3.1

Introducing the Cooke Varotal 20-100mm T1.3, unquestionably a versatile zoom lens with a fast aperture and exceptional image quality. Which is perfect, moreover, for professional filmmakers and cinematographers.


1x Arri Bridge Plate
2x 17″ Rods
1x  6.5″ Donut

Cooke Varotal 20-100mm, f2.8 / T3.1 Zoom.

Designed by Gordon H. Cook, indeed this was Cooke’s first high-quality zoom lens for 35mm motion picture cameras. Its design remained central to the concept for Cooke zooms produced through the 1990s. It had a sealed front focus unit and fixed front element that eliminated the risk of dirt and moisture being drawn into the lens, did not rotate or trombone in and out, and allowed for convenient fitting of a mattebox. It had anti-reflective wide-band Varomag high-performance coatings. This nonetheless increased shadow area definition, light transmission, durability, and reduced ghosting and flares. Originally fitted with an ARRI bayonet mount, most now have a retrofit PL mount (developed by ARRI in 1982).

It was the first high quality Cooke zoom designed for professional motion picture photography that incorporated a totally new design. Undeniably, this concept was the basis for all Cooke zoom lenses subsequently produced.

Indeed a zoom lens that has been widely used on a variety of projects to bring outstanding images to those projects.

NOTE: Prices quoted are estimated per day unless otherwise noted, and are subject to availability, the exact rental period, and other factors. Please request a formal quote to get an exact price.

Additional Information

Designed with precision and craftsmanship, the Cooke Varotal 20-100mm T1.3 (5:1) is built to deliver stunning images with sharpness and clarity across the zoom range. The lens features a fast maximum aperture of T3.1 and a 9-bladed iris, allowing for beautiful bokeh and precise depth-of-field control.

The 20-100mm focal length range offers a wide range of creative possibilities, making it ideal for shooting everything from intimate close-ups to wide establishing shots. The lens also features a close-focus distance of 3 feet, allowing for striking macro shots.

Built with Cooke’s legendary optical design, the Varotal 20-100mm provides excellent color rendition and contrast. It also offers minimal distortion, and the focus and zoom are smooth and precise, making it easy to achieve the desired look.

Constructed with the highest quality materials, the Cooke Varotal 20-100mm T1.3 (5:1) is a reliable and durable lens that can withstand the rigors of professional filmmaking. The lens also features an industry-standard PL mount, making it compatible with a wide range of cameras.

In summary, the Cooke Varotal 20-100mm is a versatile, high-performance zoom lens with exceptional optical quality and precision control, making it an ideal choice for professional filmmakers and cinematographers.

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