The Sony FX9 camera is a full-frame, professional-quality cinema camera that’s available at a much more affordable price point than the alternatives. If you’re familiar with Sony’s popular FS7 model, the FX9 is similar to that camera with the addition of the full-frame, hybrid autofocus, and some other professional features. The camera is designed to be comfortable to use, even for filming on the go. Fast Hybrid AF and new Eye AF make it easy to capture the details you’re aiming for, and the dual-base ISO and high dynamic range mean you can take on any lighting conditions you encounter.

Top Features

The Sony FX9 is loaded with features, but these are some of the most important in terms of image quality, which is essential for your work.

Full-Frame CMOS Sensor

The Sony FX9 camera features a full-frame 6K CMOS sensor, which lets you depict wider fields and gives you more options for the images you want to create. The full-frame sensor is more than twice the size of a Super 35mm in terms of surface area. Because the sensor is 6K while the output is 4K, the oversampled pixels capture more detail than what would be possible with a lower-resolution sensor.

15+ Stops of Dynamic Range

With 15 or more stops of dynamic range, you’ll be able to capture every lighting and color nuance in the scene. You can opt to work in either Custom or CineEl modes to give you as much control as possible over your colors. In Custom mode, you’ll get S-Cinetone, which is designed to depict skin tones accurately without requiring much, if any, editing or color correction. This is the same color technology that Sony’s higher-end Venice model uses to provide rich and precise color in films. CineEl mode gives you more detail and control if you would like to do your own post-production color correction.

Fast Hybrid Autofocus

The Sony FX9 camera combines the speed of phase detection and the accuracy of contrast detection to capture subjects that might move quickly and unpredictably. The camera also uses Sony’s latest eye-tracking technology to offer Eye AF, which makes it easy to get all the nuances of a subject’s facial expressions. If you’re filming a slower-paced piece, custom autofocus settings that switch between subjects at a more relaxed pace are also available.

Internal 4K/60p 10-Bit Recording

With 10-bit internal recording at up to 60p or higher depending on the settings, you’ll get crisp footage with rich and detailed colors. While it records in 4K rather than 5.9K or 8K, the FX9 uses a 6K sensor to create higher-resolution images than other 4K cameras. When a camera has a 4K sensor, its 4K files actually come out at 3K resolution. The FX9 doesn’t have this issue.

Versatility of the Camera

With both practical default settings and plenty of custom options, these features make the Sony FX9 an incredibly versatile camera. The eye-specific autofocus lets you conduct interviews while feeling confident that you’re picking up all the nuances of your subject’s expressions. The fast autofocus lets you capture wildlife or individuals within a crowd. The excellent dynamic range shows off striking contrasts of light and shadow. Regardless of what you’re filming, you’ll benefit from rich and accurate color and crisp resolution. The camera is also designed to be as ergonomic and comfortable to use as possible. It’s made of a lightweight magnesium chassis and doesn’t require tools to adjust, which means you can easily adapt it to your favorite shooting setup, whether that’s on your shoulder or handheld.

Other Features

These are some of the other features that make the FX9 a convenient and versatile tool.

High-Speed 120fps Recording

You also have the option to record high-speed footage at 120p while retaining the wide angle of the full-frame sensor. This makes the camera even more versatile if you’re interested in capturing split-second details or want to slow down your footage while keeping it smooth.

Dual-Base ISO

With base ISO options of both 800 and 4000, you have more flexibility to shoot in any type of lighting conditions than you would with a standard single-base camera. Using the base ISO 4000 setting lets you film in low light without compromising on quality.

Built-in Electronic Variable ND Filter

This feature allows you to either use a dial on the side of the camera or the Auto ND setting to control light exposure. This makes it easy to stay at the best exposure level for your project if the lighting conditions are quickly changing.

Dual-Link SDI/HDMI Output

While the longer cable length and secure locking features of an SDI connection mean it’s usually the best option for professional projects, there are some situations where you may want to use an HDMI connection instead. The FX9 gives you both, so you have the flexibility to choose the best output for each scenario.




The Sony FX9 camera’s 6K full-frame sensor, 10-bit internal recording, and fast hybrid autofocus make it easy to capture beautiful, high-resolution footage in just about any setting. The 15+ stops of dynamic range, dual-base ISO options, and electronic variable ND filter give you full control in any type of lighting, even if it’s variable. Other features like high-speed recording and great ergonomics make the camera a great option for filmmakers.

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