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Weaver Steadman 3rd Axis

Weaver Steadman 3rd Axis, available for rent for your next film production.

The Weaver Steadman 3rd Axis incorporates modular design with a tube frame construction that provides a lightweight, yet sturdy base for fluid camera moves. Can be mounted upright or in underslung position for the ultimate flexibility. Easy to configure and balance. This system allows for extreme tilts, extreme low angles and nodal point configurations.


  • Rotates 360 degrees with most types
    of film & video cameras
  • Can be used with film magazines up
    to 1,000′ in size
  • Rotates a continuous 360 degrees.
    Pan & tilt with lenses up to 10:1
  • Smooth pan & tilt with your choice of
    hand wheel or fluid PTR
  • Pan Bar System offers one man
    pan/tilt, zoom & focus
  • Joystick Control System offers one
    man pan/tilt, zoom & focus
  • Works on all types of crane arms


  • 2-Axis Height (Minimum Configuration) 2′ 1″
  • 2-Axis Width (Minimum Configuration) 1′ 9″
  • 2-Axis Depth (Minimum Configuration) 1′
  • 3-Axis Height (Minimum Configuration) 2′ 8″
  • 3-Axis Width (Minimum Configuration) 2′ 2″
  • 3-Axis Depth (Minimum Configuration) 2′ 1″
  • 2-Axis Weight 61 lb
  • 3-Axis Weight 93 lb
  • 2-Axis Payload Capacity (Recommended) 120 lb
  • 3-Axis Payload Capacity (Recommended) 90 lb


By mounting the Weaver Steadman Head on the Z-Jib, Aerocrane or Javelin Crane, the camera package can be rolled while suspended from a jib arm, making any move imaginable, from skimming along the ground to flying & rolling more than 360 degrees.

NOTE: Prices quoted are estimated per day unless otherwise noted, and are subject to availability, the exact rental period, and other factors. Please request a formal quote to get an exact price.

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