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Lunch Box

Introducing the Lunch Box, a must-have electrical product for professionals in the film and video industry. The Lunch Box is a versatile power distribution system that provides reliable and safe power to all your equipment on set. This innovative device is designed to meet the demands of the most challenging film and video production environments.

NOTE: Prices quoted are estimated per day unless otherwise noted, and are subject to availability, the exact rental period, and other factors. Please request a formal quote to get an exact price.

Additional Information

The Lunch Box features a compact and portable design that makes it easy to transport and set up on location. It has six 20 amp circuits that can handle a variety of equipment, including cameras, lights, and audio gear. The Lunch Box also includes a 100 amp pass-through switch, allowing you to connect multiple Lunch Boxes together for larger productions.

One of the most notable features of the Lunch Box is its advanced safety system. It has a built-in circuit breaker to protect against overloading, as well as ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) to prevent electrical shock. These safety features help keep you and your equipment safe on set, giving you peace of mind and reducing the risk of accidents.

In addition to its safety features, the Lunch Box is also designed for convenience. It has a digital voltmeter that displays the voltage of each circuit, allowing you to monitor your power usage and ensure that everything is running smoothly. The Lunch Box also has a variety of mounting options, including a built-in handle and brackets for easy attachment to C-stands or other support equipment.

If you’re looking for a reliable and versatile power distribution system for your next film or video production, the Lunch Box is the perfect choice. With its advanced safety features, convenient design, and powerful performance, the Lunch Box is sure to meet all your power needs on set.

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