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In February 2023, MovieMaker Magazine published an interview with the CEO and founder of Cinevo. The magazine invited Jeff Becker to comment on how he founded Cinevo and built it into a successful company. The magazine also interviewed Cinevo’s CEO to shed light on Arizona’s new tax incentive law.

Jeff Becker Talks About Cinevo and the Film Production Industry

According to Ang Lee, “There’s a level of sophistication of filmmaking that’s mind-boggling. Anything you need for your movie, there’s an establishment that can make it happen really fast.” Cinevo is one of those companies that have been helping filmmakers expedite production. 

Founded in 1994, Cinevo has been serving filmmakers and production companies a range of rental equipment including cameras, lighting and sound systems. It also provides an experienced team to help with production.

Although Cinevo is a well-known name in the film production industry in Phoenix and Los Angeles, Becker says the company’s beginnings were humble. It started as a small camera rental company for clients in Phoenix, AZ.

Jeff Becker’s Journey to Becoming his Boss

According to MovieMaker Magazine, Becker founded Cinevo after leaving corporate America. He worked as a marketing executive at Honeywell, Bank of America, Intel, and even Lumasense, a company that sells cameras with temperature sensors.

While his career flourished, Becker had one major problem – his work schedule was too tight. He spent most of his time traveling around the United States and other regions such as Germany and Asia. The regular travel robbed him of time for his wife and child.

Faced with a poor work-life balance, Becker decided it was time to explore a less demanding path. He left Corporate America and the young entrepreneur started a water treatment company. Unfortunately, it was not his passion, and Becker later sold it and moved into film production.

Jeff Becker’s Path to the Film Production Industry

While running the water treatment startup, Becker learned that Reel Men, a company that rents cameras and equipment, was for sale. Becker was interested in the possibilities of investing in Reel Men, which he acquired in 2011.

Since he had no experience in film or television, he retained the Reel Men staff and left the day-to-day operations to its employees. They managed equipment rentals and maintained relationships with clients. They also provided technical support to production crews.

Ten years after buying Reel Men and gaining solid industry experience, Becker acquired a second company, BrainBox Cameras. He merged it with Reel Men and named it Cinevo Equipment Rentals.

Unlike Reel Men or Brain Box, the new company, Cinevo, offered more rental equipment. Since then, Cinevo has made a name for itself in the film and production industry in Phoenix and Los Angeles. Today, they not only rent camera equipment locally, but they also ship camera and film production equipment throughout the United States.

Offerings include cameras, spotlights, trucks, generators and lenses for rent. Cinevo also offers other services such as:

  • Film studio for hire. Cinevo Cinema Equipment Rentals offers a studio for rent. The studio has state-of-the-art production equipment and is designed to provide an optimal shooting environment. It is suitable for interviews, live streams, and commercials.
  • Production team. Cinevo works with an experienced crew that includes gaffers, drivers, key grips, and 1ACs. The crew supports clients who need an extra hand throughout the production process. When clients require additional team members, Cinevo can recommend qualified freelancers.
  • Production support. Cinevo provides production support through its Los Angeles Productions and Phoenix Productions. These companies help with all aspects of production, from pre-production planning to editing. Clients can count on these companies for production support thanks to their extensive knowledge.

Jeff Becker’s View on Arizona Tax Incentives

In an interview with MovieMaker, Becker also shed light on Arizona’s new tax incentives that encourage film production. According to Becker, the law will make film production easier in many ways. Among the key benefits Becker cited are:

  • Incentives worth millions of dollars. Arizona’s tax incentive program makes filming more affordable in the state. Under this program, people who shoot at AZ can receive a 15-20% discount.
  • Increased convenience. In the past, some filmmakers filmed in New Mexico to take advantage of tax breaks. But with Arizona’s new tax law, filmmakers will enjoy tax breaks within the state. This saves them time and money they would have otherwise spent on travel expenses.
  • Eligibility for discounts. Cinevo is a qualified vendor under Arizona’s tax incentive law. Customers who rent equipment or use Cinevo’s staff are eligible for tax incentives. The company provides the documentation necessary to process these incentives.
  • Level playing field. Previously, bargain hunters could bypass AZ to shoot in New Mexico at a low price. However, with the new tax law, producers and equipment rental companies in Arizona now have a level playing field. Customers now have an attractive incentive to use Arizona service providers.

Who Qualifies for Tax Incentives in Arizona?

To qualify for the incentives, businesses must meet certain criteria. For example, they must prove that they have spent a certain amount of money on production. They must also demonstrate that they have employed local labor or suppliers. Once the requirements are met, companies can apply for incentives.

An Overview of MovieMaker Magazine

MovieMaker Magazine features filmmakers and offers valuable insights into the film industry. It publishes commentaries and interviews, as well as information on financing strategies and product reviews.

The magazine’s goal is to provide filmmakers with valuable resources and insights. From pre-production to post-production to distribution, the magazine provides readers with the information they need to make informed decisions about the films they produce or watch.


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