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DJI Ronin RS 2 Gimbal Stabilizer

The brand new DJI Ronin RS 2 Gimbal Stabilizer is available for rental is the latest and greatest of DJI’s lineup of smooth gimbals.

Pro Combo Features:

  • DJI Ronin RavenEye Image Transmission System
  • Focus Motor
  • 10lbs Capacity
  • 12hr Battery Life
  • Phone Holder
  • Carrying Case

NOTE: Prices quoted are estimated per day unless otherwise noted, and are subject to availability, the exact rental period, and other factors. Please request a formal quote to get an exact price.

Additional Information


  • 10lbs Camera Weight Capacity
  • 12hr Battery Life
  • Carrying Case

Pro Combo Features:

    • RavenEye Image Transmission System
    • Focus Motor
    • Phone Holder

The DJI Ronin RS 2 gimbal is a redesigned follow-up to the Ronin-S gimbal with a payload of up to 10 lb. It’s about 25% lighter and more compact thanks to monocoque carbon fiber axis arms and a shorter grip handle with a smaller battery cartridge, although still with a 12-hour runtime. The motors are about 20% more powerful and support cameras such as the Blackmagic Pocket 4K, Canon C300 Mark III, Sony a7S III, and ALEXA Mini. Pair this camera with our Zeiss CP.2 Lenses for a truly cinematic filming combination!

The DJI Ronin RS 2 gimbal also has a 1.4″ full-color LCD touchscreen that allows you to access gimbal settings as well as features such as time-lapse and hyperlapse, which were previously accessible only via the companion mobile app.

Supported accessories include a focus wheel, a twist-grip dual handle, and a universal mount for efficiently attaching the gimbal to a car, jib, or slider.

The companion iOS/Android Ronin app offers many creative features in addition to standard time-lapse and panorama functions. Time Tunnel combines roll motion with hyperlapse to “twist” space and time. Track allows you to create a repeatable camera movement path for a tightly choreographed shot. Force Mobile makes the gimbal follow your smartphone’s movements. Force Mobile can also be achieved with enhanced responsiveness when you use the included RavenEye transmission system. When you use the RavenEye, you can also display a live view of your subjects on the touchscreen when using the RavenEye’s ActiveTrack feature.

Check with us on availability to see if our DJI Ronin RS 2 gimbal is available for rental.

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