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Cooke S4 Lens Set

With Cooke S4 lenses, you can likewise give your project the Cooke Look! Cooke S4 optics offer superb optical and mechanical performance, control of flare, distortion, veiling glare and spherical aberrations at full aperture. The cam-type focus mechanism otherwise allows for smooth focus adjustments.

High-quality – Designed and developed in close technical collaboration with industry professionals.

Consistent – Modular construction increases ease of maintenance and serviceability.

Convenient – Color-matched and compatible with Cooke 5/i, miniS4/i and Anamorphic/i.

Connected – /i Technology provides vital metadata for consistency and reproducibility.

Cooke S4 lenses use particularly Classic polishing techniques ensure the highest level of precision. Regular, accurate measurements are key to delivering consistent quality. Traditional coating machines are used to deposit a thin film onto the glass. Meticulous edging ensures that glass diameters are always faultlessly rounded. Lenses are rigorously trialed, checked, modified, cleaned and rechecked. The S4/i series are a fully comprehensive lineup of 18 matched focal lengths. S4/i lenses are designed to provide maximum performance at full aperture featuring undeniably control of flare, distortion and spherical aberration – ensuring the Cooke Look remains true across the series. Ergonomically designed to have smooth and accurate travel – whereas utilizing precision mechanics to provide a consistent feel in operation through the entire focus movement.

NOTE: Prices quoted are estimated per day unless otherwise noted, and are subject to availability, the exact rental period, and other factors. Please request a formal quote to get an exact price.

Additional Information

Our 6-Lens set comes with: 18mm, 25mm, 32mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, all T2.

Ask about special pricing when paired with a compatible camera package!

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the Cooke S4 Lens Set boasts a unique optical design that ensures exceptional color reproduction, sharpness, and contrast, even in challenging lighting conditions. With a consistent T2 aperture across the entire range, these lenses offer exceptional low-light performance, allowing filmmakers to capture stunning footage with ease.

Featuring a compact and lightweight design, the Cooke S4 Lens Set is easy to transport and set up, enabling filmmakers to shoot in any location and under any conditions. The 110mm front diameter and unified gear position make lens changes quick and straightforward, streamlining your workflow and minimizing downtime.

Designed for use with a wide range of camera systems, including ARRI, RED, Sony, and Canon, the Cooke S4 Lens Set is the perfect choice for any project, from feature films and TV shows to commercials and music videos. These lenses offer unparalleled flexibility and versatility, enabling filmmakers to capture any shot they desire.

Invest in the best and take your filmmaking to the next level with the Cooke S4 Lens Set. With exceptional image quality, unmatched reliability, and unparalleled versatility, these lenses are the perfect choice for capturing stunning visuals that will captivate your audience. Order yours today and experience the Cooke difference.

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