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O’Connor 1030HDS Mitchell Mount Head

Based on O’Connor’s 2575 fluid head, the O’Connor 1030HDS features industry leading stepless, ultra-smooth pan & tilt fluid drag as well as O’Connors patented sinusoidal counterbalance system. It provides the performance of it’s bigger brother but targets lighter payload camera setups. Ideal for fast paced productions using smaller cameras such as the RED Epic or ARRI Alexa Mini.

NOTE: Prices quoted are estimated per day unless otherwise noted, and are subject to availability, the exact rental period, and other factors. Please request a formal quote to get an exact price.

Additional Information

Comes with O’Connor Standard Legs.

Introducing the O’Connor 1030HDS fluid head, designed to offer high-performance stabilization for professional cinematographers. O’Connor has been a trusted brand in the film industry for over 70 years, and the 1030HDS model lives up to the brand’s reputation for quality and durability.

The 1030HDS is equipped with a continuously variable fluid drag system, allowing for smooth and precise movement across both the pan and tilt axes. The fluid system is also designed to handle a wide range of camera payloads, from 0 to 30lbs, making it a versatile choice for a variety of camera setups.

One of the standout features of the 1030HDS is its patented sinusoidal counterbalance system. This unique system provides perfect balance throughout the entire tilt range, enabling smooth and stable camera movement even in extreme angles. The system is also easily adjustable, with a quick-release lever for fine-tuning the counterbalance to your specific camera rig.

The 1030HDS also includes a versatile camera mounting interface, with both 100mm ball and 150mm ball mounts for easy compatibility with a variety of cameras and accessories. The head is also equipped with an illuminated bubble level, making it easy to ensure that your shots are perfectly level.

Constructed from durable and lightweight materials, the O’Connor 1030HDS fluid head is built to withstand the rigors of professional use. Whether you’re shooting in the studio or out in the field, the 1030HDS offers reliable and consistent performance for all your camera stabilization needs. Invest in the O’Connor 1030HDS fluid head today and take your cinematography to the next level.

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