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Cineped 3.5′ Camera Support System



The Cineped is an all-in-one camera support system. Acting as a tripod replacement, the Cineped features full 360 degree rotation and a four legged Quatro support system for unprecedented camera control. For the first time you’re able to set your camera on a single support system that can be used as a slider and a tripod. The Quatro support legs come standard with all of our Cineped rentals, and allows set up on any flat or sloped surface.

Additional Information

The center load capacity for the Cineped is a whopping 450lbs, while the edge load from end to end is 85lbs, more than enough to accommodate any large camera build and provide smooth slider movement without compromising control.

The Cineped is an extremely versatile camera support system with 8 camera positions and over 30 complex movements available. The Cineped features a Mitchell Mount and includes 150mm and 100mm bowl adapters.

Package includes: Cineped 3.5′ Slider, Quatro Four Legged Support System, 150mm bowl adapter, 100mm bowl adapter, and Thermodyne Transport Cases.

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