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1 Ton Grip Vans


Be prepared for the unexpected with our pre-loaded grip van, included our newly updated LED lighting package. Quasars, a Gemini RBG, Aputures, plus some HMIs!

Each van is customized with shelving to keep all your gear organized and comes pre-loaded with the most common gear used on a shoot.

Pricing is $600, which is substantially less than if you rented everything individually.

Fuel is not included. Refill it yourself, or we will refill for you at $7.75 per gallon.

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Additional Information

There is no mileage charge for the first 100 miles, which is usually enough for in-town shoots. After 100 miles, there is a mileage charge of $0.50 per mile to cover added maintenance on the vehicle.

Get the complete list of equipment on the truck here, which shows the basic package plus the optional lighting and electrical package: 1 Ton Load List.

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